Be a ninja for a day!

Learn not only the history but have the chance to handle real artifacts and understand the spirit of the ninja.
The class also teaches you the fundamentals of ninja weaponary and tools! For those who want to dress up, costume rentals are also available.

Private Guided Tours introducing you to local culture experiences

Curated Kyoto is for people like you – creative people who want to explore cities beyond the generic tourist spots. From beautiful and photogenic locations to cool restaurants loved by locals to authentic cultural experiences, the best of Kyoto is curated and tailored by a local expert to fit your needs.

Observe perfect imperfection through a tea ceremony at Tea Ceremony Koto

An experience that changes and varies with the four seasons. You won’t only drink famous Kyoto matcha and try handmade tea sweets, but can also learn about the flowers, scripts, tea ware, and kimono which make the experience whole.
There is also the option to try whisking matcha yourself.

Want to try your hand at Calligraphy?

Do you have a favorite kanji character? Take a calligraphy class where you can learn the basic strokes, make your own ink with inkstone and water, and take home your own handmade souvenir.

Maiko Performance and Photography

Be mesmerized by the elegant dance of a maiko up close. Afterwards, you are able to take pictures with the talented dancer and take home a mounted keepsake.

Dress up in kimono, yukata, or armor!

Kimono atelier Akane has a unique partnership with Ninja Dojo and Store. Not only can you rent a kimono here, but also samurai armor and ninja attire! All customers receive one free polaroid photograph as a memento.
Owner Ms.Okanishi speaks Japanese, English & French! She also has an amazing collection of antique kimonos and obi (belts) for sale.

Ever wonder how model food looks so real?

Try your hand at making your own "fake" display case item! Choose from the Kyoto-esqu parfait, or sushi pieces.
Since your parfait won't melt and the sushi won't go bad, this makes a great souvenir or fun gift to take home.

Cycle Kyoto!

For those who want to get even more up close and personal with Kyoto, opt for a cycling tour.
Make the most of your time by seeing sights while in transit and learn all about the history of various parts of the city from your knowledgable guide.

Japanese cooking class in Kyoto

You can learn Japanese typical and traditional homemade cooking and culture here. All the instructor can speak English fluently and our staff have variety background, and can answer any questions regarding a wealth of subjects ranging from ingredients to our Japanese lifestyle, and culture. We’re proud of our hospitality.